Business Term Loan

Access funds to purchase longer-term assets or finance your business growth needs

Your Business Term Loan is not repayable on demand, provided you comply with the terms and conditions of the loan. Prearranged equal monthly instalments servicing capital and interest provide certainty of how much you will pay every month.

A Business Term Loan may suit your business if:

  • You want to raise capital for your business growth, acquire assets or finance business expansion projects
  • You are looking for a lending solution
  • You want the certainty of a fixed prearranged monthly instalment for cash flow planning

Features and benefits

  • The minimum loan amount is R 50 000 and the maximum is determined by your ability to repay instalments
  • The account can be linked to our electronic self-service banking channels
  • Monthly instalments servicing capital and interest rate are fixed, giving you certainty for cash flow planning
  • Interest is linked to the Prime rate and included in the monthly fixed instalment
  • An increase in interest rates will cause the term of the loan to extend with total payments remaining unchanged


Do I need a business account to apply for the Business Term Loan?

You must have a Standard Bank Business Current Account to apply for a Business Term Loan.

  How to apply

  • Already have a Business Current Account? Contact your account executive.
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back.